The Fund benefits NYC public housing and its residents by focusing on three main areas of investment — People, Place, and Work.


The Fund for Public Housing has made exciting investments in its early days as an organization.

Highlights from our first year include:

  • Scholarships for NYCHA residents attending CUNY schools;
  • NYCHA youth development via the establishment of youth councils across the city;
  • Creation of much needed, new design guidelines for NYCHA renovation work; and
  • Expansion of the Food Bank’s free Virtual VITA tax preparation program in NYCHA developments.

“Public housing is essential to the success of families and neighborhoods, and for too long that has been unrecognized.”

Gary Hattem, former President of the Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation

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There is a significant local precedent for the establishment of nonprofits created with the express purpose of partnering with public agencies. Over the last several decades, public entities in New York City have established 501(c)(3) organizations, such as the Fund for Public Health and the Fund for Public Schools, to attract new resources in their respective areas of focus. 

The Fund for Public Housing, a newly created 501(c)(3), addresses the disinvestment in New York City public housing by enabling outside resources to better serve public housing residents. The Fund builds new partnerships and activates public-private collaboration to support NYCHA residents and their communities. 

The Fund focuses on three main areas of investment — People, Place, and Work — all to benefit New York City public housing and its residents.


The Fund for Public Housing invests in the well-being of NYCHA residents and their communities. We collaborate with public and private partners to dramatically improve the way public housing in New York City works. 


The Fund for Public Housing leaders and staff are passionate about our mission, and we are committed to upholding our values as we pursue it.


Advocate with passion and maintain integrity. Prioritize NYCHA residents and be champions for public housing. Create trust and build accountability by setting clear goals and measures and following through on commitments.


Collaborate with a wide array of stakeholders. Approach partnerships authentically, with clear governance and strong communication. Leverage our partners’ strengths, handing off work appropriately to maximize value creation.


Innovate by taking smart risks, learning from failure, and remaining flexible to scale successes or pursue new directions.


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