Ideas Marketplace



The goal of Fund for Public Housing's Ideas Marketplace is to provide a forum for sustainability initiatives, led by NYCHA residents and community organizations, to gain greater visibility and scale through connection with like-minded efforts across NYCHA communities. The Marketplace will enable skill-sharing; joint, multi-year philanthropic support; and greater reach and impact. 

Guiding Principles

  • Prioritize value creation for residents: uncover opportunities for residents, community-based organizations to collaborate, fundraise, and implement new ideas and projects.
  • Strive for innovative solutions: we recognize that tools and technology are always evolving to address previously intractable challenges. Ideas Marketplace seeks innovative and entrepreneurial ways to meet sustainability goals.
  • Build community beyond geographic boundaries: Ideas Marketplace strives to establish and strengthen alliances beyond the borders of NYCHA developments.
  • Minimize red tape: enable policies that don’t get in the way of residents' and community-based organizations’ pursuit of sustainability goals.

Ideas Marketplace would not be possible without ioby. ioby is a non-profit crowd-resourcing web platform for residents and community-led programs. In addition to ioby’s functionality to pool funding, the platform gives users the ability to organize many kinds of capital—social networks, in-kind donations, volunteer time, advocacy—from within the neighborhood, to make the neighborhood a better place to live.

Current Projects

QB Compost Connection!

Millbrook Gardens

Completed Projects

Ocean Bay Community Gardens



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