Advisory Council Fundraiser 2018 | NYCHA Youth Leadership Councils

Donate to Youth

The Fund for Public Housing Advisory Council has some exciting news to share with you!

We are launching a campaign to raise $40,000 for Youth Leadership Councils (YLCs) on NYCHA campuses in all five boroughs. YLCs allow NYCHA resident youth to engage in their own civic discussions and activism in the form of youth summits, youth council grants, and more. They provide an opportunity for these youth to meaningfully engage in policy, practice, and advocacy surrounding relevant topics such as anti-violence, NYCHA site beautification, environmental sustainability, and mental health.

The following suggested gift levels provide an idea of how far your donation could go to empower youth to drive change in their communities:

  • $25 MetroCards for a local trip for one YLC
  • $50 Food for youth at a YLC meeting
  • $75 Presentation materials for a YLC to address community leaders
  • $100 Paint and brushes to create a mural
  • $200 Plants and landscaping supplies for beautification
  • $300 Professional clothing for a YLC member
  • $400 Seed youth to fundraise for a youth summit
  • $500 Networking session/Company visit for a YLC
  • $750 Video equipment and production for a YLC
  • $1,000 YLC special charity project such as building homes
  • $2,500 One year of printing costs for a YLC
  • $5,000 Out of town trip for 100-200 members
  • $10,000 One year of programming for a YLC 

In addition to our fundraising campaign, the Advisory Council will be mentoring YLCs and collaborating on events and projects. Please contact us to get involved!